Tier 2 Skilled Worker Visa
For highly skilled and educated individuals looking to seek employment in the UK.

UK Skilled Worker Visa Programme

The skilled worker visa is the perfect programme for skilled workers aiming to grow professionally or climb the corporate ladder in the UK providing the potential to earn more alongside benefiting from the UK Residency.


The Programme is extremely simple and straight forward, Decisive global will ensure eligible applicants are provided with guaranteed jobs and salaries even before leaving current employment and entering the UK. Through our channels we will source the best opportunities within your field, sector and industry by securing interviews with potential employers. Once you receive job offers you are able to make your decisive choice and become part of the UK skilled work force.

Dependents Permitted

Visa holders can bring dependents on Visa

Spouse’s right to work

Visa holders spouse is allowed to work in the UK

Fast Track Visas

Healthcare professionals like doctors & nurses are eligible for this


The process is listed below & we are here to simplify it for you:


Book a free consultation or a phone determine your eligibility and provide your CV.


Once commencing the programme you will be handed over to our team in the UK who will then initiate the scouting process and setting up interviews


Upon receiving an official job offer and accept, you will acquire a certificate of sponsorship (COS) which is required to process your immigration application


Once all the necessary documents have been obtained the physical submission of your case file will be submitted to the UK home office for visa approval.


Once visa has been approved and received you will make arrangements to start your journey in the UK with your new employer.


The great thing about the skilled worker visa is you are not bound to a single employer, as long as you have employment from a business with a sponsorship license you are able to change companies as you please.

Under the contract we ask for a timeframe of 6 months to be able to place you into a suitable role, this takes some time due to finding the most suitable employer with the highest available salary. Also there may be a various number of interviews and decision making from both sides.

We do extensive research in the UK on the demand of specific skilled workers and choose accordingly which skilled worker may be suitable and eligible therefore as a company we only accept eligible clients we are positive we can find suitable employment for. As per the contract you are entitled to a full refund if no job offer is provided.

This programme is extremely suitable to skilled workers outside the UK as we are able to find you employment before you even have to quit your current job and move to the UK. You can rest assured that once your certificate of sponsorship has been provided you will receive a 3 months visa which will provide sufficient time to plan your move to the UK.