UK Tier 1 Innovator Visa
Entrepreneurs and investors are able to implement a new and innovative business in the UK.

UK Innovator Visa Programme

Experienced business professionals are given the opportunity to obtain the UK residency by investing a minimum amount of £50,000 into setting up a new and innovative business or simply investing into a joint venture. On behalf of the UK government, endorsement bodies are tasked with approving the business plan and idea analysing the scalability, viability and innovation of the proposed business. Upon receiving the endorsement and UK Residency you and your family will benefit from a 3 year Residency followed by indefinite leave to remain (PR) and ultimately UK Passport and citizenship.


The UK residency and citizenship provides many benefits for you and your family to explore untapped opportunities through travel and receiving the highest standards of free healthcare and education. Additionally, you are able to grow professionally or expand your business in one of the strongest economies in the world.

Low Investment

A low investment amount of £50,000

Family Permitted

Investors family permitted to live in the UK

Education & Healthcare

Access to the UK Education & Healthcare benefits


The process is listed below & we are here to simplify it for you


Initiating a call or free consultation to determine the eligibility for this programme.


Once you have made the decisive choice to initiate the process you will be appointed with an account manager to provide guidance and assistance with the necessary documents to formulate the application and begin with business plan creation or to source a business plan where you will become part of an entrepreneurial team in a joint venture.


Upon selection or completion of the business plan will be submitted to an endorsement body for approval to issue the endorsement letter.


Upon receiving all necessary documents and completing the main applicant’s immigration application the documents will be submitted to the UK home office for visa approval.


Once the visa has been received you are now able to travel to the UK to be issued a 3 year residency for you and your family.


In order to meet the requirements to maintain your residency and remain indefinitely (PR), you must stay in the UK for 6 months each year for the 3-year programme. The 6 months can be broken up and not required to stay 6 months at a time.

Under the rules and regulations of innovator visa, you are required to remain 6 months each year for the 3 year period to be eligible for indefinite leave to remain (PR), however if you are unable to meet this requirement, as long as your investment remains in the innovative business you are able to simply renew your 3 year residency an unlimited amount of times until you are able to meet the minimum stay requirement.

Once you have received you residency you and your family will be entitled to these benefits immediately from day 1. You are able to place your children into public schools as soon as you migrate and receive free public healthcare from the NHS.

Processing time can vary, for example if you provide your own business plan and idea it can be as short as 2-3 months however if you choose to enter a joint venture sourcing a business suitable to you that interests you may add an additional 2-3 months.

If your application is rejected due to an error from us then you shall receive a full refund of your consultancy fees, however if the home office find errors in documents provided by the client or insufficient answers are provided should an interview be requested then our team will appeal the rejection, if the appeal fails a simple resubmission is possible. You will face no ban and there is no limit to the number of attempts to apply.